Shigeyoshi Sakamoto
Overall Producer

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Ever since joining Avex in 2008, Sakamoto has been in charge of starting up new lines of business, executing those events, as well as alliance affairs. Till today, other than “STAR ISLAND”, he has also been played a part in many of Avex’s innovative events, such as the next-generation esports tournament “RAGE”, “Diner en Blanc”, “WANDERLUST”, high school beauty pageants etc., and is active as a producer.
Kenji Kohashi
Creative Producer

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Born in Tokyo on 19 August 1979. He made his debut in the entertainment industry at 8 years old. After having played roles in numerous dramas, movie and stage titles, he decided to put his acting career on a hiatus in 2007. While travelling around the world, he acquired inspiration along the way, which led him to start producing movies and events. In 2012, he made his debut as a movie director with the feature-length movie “DON’T STOP!” This very same movie won 2 awards at the SKIP City International D-cinema Festival, namely the SKIP City award, and the SKIP City D-cinema Project award. He had held positions of Creative Director for “ULTRA JAPAN”, and General Producer for “Star Island”, and is also involved in the planning and operations for international-scale events and urban development etc.
Kazuyuki Ito (KISsonix)
Sound Director

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Active as a composer, arranger, and artist, while also continuing to pursue acoustics research for 25 years, drawing on his knowledge and insights into neuroscience to develop the KISSonix HDFX. Using innovative 3D encoding technology, traditional stereo equipment and two speakers is enough to create 3D sound effects like you would experience in a movie theater. Top artists and film directors have praised the high-quality 3D sound, which has been used for Mondo Grosso’s Attune/Detune, Koda Kumi’s Live Tour 2017 -W FACE-, and Shunji Iwai’s “A Bride for Rip Van Winkle.”
Laser Artist

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Started working as Laser Lighting Designer in 2000.

The scope of activities ranges from corporate installations and entertainment shows to illuminations, live stages and dance music festivals.
The area of activity ranges from corporate installations and entertainment shows to illuminations, live stages and dance music festivals.

Based on the methods of 'Colour = Melody' and 'Lightness / Darkness = Rhythm', he uses improvisational techniques cultivated over many years of activity. He gives a cutting-edge impression to the audience with his improvisation-like operations, which he has cultivated over many years of activity.

He sees video and lighting as light and seamlessly links and expands analogue and digital equipment, and engages in a wide range of unconventional expression, from audiovisual systems to the development and production of drone lasers, expands the worldview of artists and directors and backs up their performances with incandescent performances. Backing up the world view of artists and directors and backing up their performance of Lady Cassette.
It has earned the utmost trust of the artists and directors.

Belongs to the creator group REALROCKDESIGN.

Major activities
・ Koyasan 1,200 Year Anniversary-高野山1200年の光-Light&Laser Director-


・SKY-HI  HALLTOUR2022-八面六臂・超八面六臂-LASER& Visual Design-

・BALLPARK FANTASHIA Vega Luminique at YOKOHAMA Studium -Space Director-

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Crowned the youngest winner ever of Japan's largest choreography competition, and a stunning record of five awards. Seishiro is renowned for his attention to details down to the very second. His cleverness with sound, compositional skills, and unique eye for hidden side of human nature has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and internally.

In 2022, he performed a fusion of Ikebana Ohara style and contemporary dance at the Palazzo della Cancelleria, a historic building in Vatican City.

He has also worked extensively as a choreographer, staging the AVRORA AWARDS organised by BVLGARI and participating in SK II's global campaign advertising.

The music video for RADWIMPS's 'Ningen Gokko', for which he choreographed, was awarded ""Bronze"" in the Music Video category under Choreograpyhy at the CICLOPE Festival 2022; an international award specialising in the craft of visual art.

Highly popular as a dancer and choreographer, he is trusted by and collaborated with numerous artists, including Mao Asada and Yurina Hirate.
Costume Direction & Design

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Born in 1981, while working as a performer in Tokyo's club culture himself, he started making costumes on his own. Utilising his sensitivity to ikebana, which he started as a child.

He has worked on costumes for the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kiyoji Hikawa and famous theme parks.
Costume Staff

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Supporting Hirosumi Saito, they've worked tirelessly for STAR ISLAND SINGAPORE 2022-2023.
Production Assistance

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Having joined DRUMCAN Inc. in 2003, Yuka has studied under Koji Tamura and Yoshio Wakatsuki.

After leaving the company in 2015, she started working as a freelancer.

And in 2016, she established Sonomano Inc.

She is one of the few up-and-coming female directors in Japan who directs and produces fashion shows and events in Japan and internally.

Involved in Tokyo Collections, international brand parties, fashion shows, exhibitions, art events and more.

With a wide-ranging career, including 15 years as the general director of the Tokyo Girls Collection which has a catchy and luxurious world view.

She has also worked in space production, apparel shop production, shop music selection and video production.
Hair Make Creator

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2006 Graduated from Tokyo VANTAN DESIGN INSTITUTE HAIRMAKE course
2007 Graduated from LONDON Glauca Rossi School of Make-up
2008 Started working as a freelancer in Tokyo
2009 Joined in MONDO artist-group
2017 M-rep by MONDO -artist affiliation / Director of MONDO Academy

Currently based in Tokyo, she is involved in fashion shows, fashion magazines, advertising shoots, events, stage, body painting, special make-up, education, etc.

Since 2011, she has been in charge of fashion shows as a make-up artist chef at the Paris Collections and has worked in global activities in a wide range of genres both in Japan and Internationally.
Music Selection

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At the age of 17 in 2012, Sekitova released his first album 'Premature Moon and the Shooting Star', which led to numerous appearances at stages such as Big Beach Festival, Ultra Japan, Summer Sonic, EDC and Fujirock Festival.

He has performed on the main stage at Womb's 15th anniversary party and appeared on NHK Radio 1's ""Gogolaji! on NHK Radio 1.

This was a special event that would have been unthinkable under normal circumstances, and it was a resounding success.

His activities have been diverse, including participation in the soundtrack of the Nintendo DS game 'No More Heroes', 'Even if you Don't See It' in collaboration with the screw manufacturing tool factory YAMAWA, the track 'Foetus Traum' featuring Chisato Moritaka, and the track 'Tiger's Tail', which was released on the Nintendo DS. Foetus Traum and 'Takkyu Ishino - Lunatique (SEKITOVA Remix)' featuring Chisato Moritaka.
Music Selection

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Born in Ehime, Japan in 2003, 19-year-old musician.

Started dancing at the age of 2 and composing music on GarageBand at the age of five. At the age of 14, he made his major label debut after his street performance in Harajuku attracted a lot of attention and spread on social media. Since then, he has released his own works, provided songs and remixes for other artists such as New Map Join Music and Hiromi Go, and provided and produced songs for TV programmes and commercials. He performed at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics and was in charge of music production.
Music Selection

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Composer, music selector and music director.

He was used to music and computers since childhood and started composing music at the age of 19.

When he was 24 years old, he started his own company (DJ MAAR). Composed music for many commercials and fashion shows for major companies, as well as music director for an apparel brand.

Thereafter, he established a second company named DEXPISTOLS, which was selected for a global advertisement for a sports brand, performed at major festivals, including overseas, and remixed and produced major singers.

Later, after working as an overseas sales manager for a major audio cable manufacturer. He was then appointed Vice President of the Music and Entertainment Agency, Dual AMP in 2021, where he is currently working.

While producing and advising on digital content and artist management, he is also studying to become a Registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant and Data Scientist.
FZ (sfpr / Radical Hardcore Clique)
Music Production

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While working with two bands, ”sfpr” and ""Radical Hardcore Clique"", which develop a borderless sound between electro and rock, he has also worked with many top artists in Japan and abroad as a music producer.

In particular, his unique worldview combining Gagaku (ancient ceremonial music) and Western music has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad. Since 2018, he has also ventured into producing music for stages and events incorporating soundscapes (soundscapes). Such as: ""Panasonic Immersive Entertainment Booth at CES 2018"", ""STAR ISLAND"", ""Agency for Cultural Affairs Strategic Arts and Culture Music director for the Agency for Cultural Affairs Strategic Arts and Culture Creation Promotion Project 'JAPAN LIVE YELL project' HIGUGU HAMMERING SONGS"", and one of the closing ceremony/composers of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.
3D Sound Producer

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Musician, acoustic space producer and developer. Based on his extensive experience, he has succeeded in developing high-quality stereophonic encoding technology that is gentle on the ears and the brain, with a focus on acoustics.

In 1982, he was scouted by Warner Pioneer and made his debut as a composer.
He works involved in 4D sound production Ghost in the Shell VRD (Oculus Lift, SONY PS4 HMD), 4D King 360° 4D video theatre productions, 3D soundtrack for Shunji Iwai's film 'The Rip Van Winkle Bride' DVD/BD, 'Kumi Koda W FACE 2017 Live BD/DVD"", 2018 ""MONDO GROSSO"" album ""Attune / Detune"" MUSIC VIDEO, 3D soundtrack for the film ""Last Letter"" BD directed by Shunji Iwai and more.
Creative Director / Motion Designer / Graphic Artist

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Graduated with a degree in Interactive Fine Arts from Newport School of Art in the UK in 1996.

After working up through the ranks in various Soho UK Film and Production companies, found my natural place in the field of Motion Design and proceeded to set up limited, initially in London and currently expanding out to Tokyo.

My company,, is renowned for producing high end, music focused, visual pieces for Broadcast TV, Film and Live Productions, across all media from Online and TV to Cinema and Stadium Tours.

25 years experience have given me experience across all aspects of production from Visual Design and Direction,, 2D and 3D Animation, Editing, Colour Grading and VFX to Audio Production, Installation and Lighting Design.

Having that broad knowledge of the full production process enables me to make the most off hese unique media processes and in particular, how they can work together in synergy.

With a strong passion for design and a natural feeling and interpretation of sound trough my work, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work on many prestigious projects.

In the Live arena, shows for The Chemical Brothers (UK), The Rolling Stones (UK), Adele (UK) Man With a Mission JP, Unicorn (JP) and Crossfaith (JP) have been particular highlights.

In the field of Broadcast Design, I have worked directly for many of the major global broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, SKY, BT Vision, Virgin and Wowow. And with some of the most creative agencies and production companies including Sony, Avex, Universal, Ridley Scott Associates, Lambie - Nairn, Turner Duckworth, FCB Inferno, The Partners, ML Studio, Treatment Studios, Coffee & TV and Marshmellow Laser Feast.

Through my work I have had the honour of achieving many awards, notably from Bafta, Promax and The Design Awards.

A brief synopsis of my my recent work can be viewed at
Drone Technical Director

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A businessman and creator born on June 29, 1995. He established Seven Sense Co., Ltd. at the age of 15 as the youngest president in Japan. At the age of 16, he released Teens Opinion, an internet pseudo-voting site for teens, which caused a lot of buzz. In 2014, he received the Grand Prize of the Innovative Communication Award- (ICA). He has worked on MINMI's event "FREEDOM" and national tours, as well as video production for Japan's largest music festival "ULTRA JAPAN", technical director for futuristic fireworks entertainment "STAR ISLAND", space production and corporate branding. In 2017, he was selected as one of the 44 creators under the age of 30 in the world featured by +81 magazine.


Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd.

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A long-established firework shop representing Japan, which started manufacturing fireworks for viewing at the end of the Edo period.

In 1947, after World War II, a fireworks display commemorating the promulgation of the new constitution was held in the square in front of the Imperial Palace, and the first large fireworks display after the war was launched. It played a major role in the resumption of fireworks in Japan.

By exporting Japanese fireworks overseas and introducing them, they have spread the splendor of traditional Japanese culture ""fireworks"" to the world.
Features include flower carts (Happosaki), ring chrysanthemums, and time-lag fireworks.

We have a wealth of achievements in the midst of restrictions, such as urban fireworks entertainment such as ""STAR ISLAND"" and ""Tokyo Music Hanabi"" and launches on barges. Marutamaya Ogatsu have built a good relationship of trust with firework technicians representing Japan and the next generation of firework technicians, and continue to develop.
Beniya Aoki Fireworks Co., Ltd.

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A firework shop headed by Akio Aoki, who is also known as the God of Modern Fireworks.

Known for its beautiful chrysanthemum-shaped fireworks, it was the first in Japan to complete a double core split.
In addition, even in the production of synchronized music and fireworks, there is a great amount of passion for constantly opening up new ways to show fireworks.

In recent years, it has received high praise at the Montreal Competition in Canada and the International Fireworks Symposium held in Japan.

Hideo Hirayama, who is in charge of directing, brilliantly expressed his view of the world at ""STAR ISLAND"" held in Tokyo, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. It is a fireworks shop that boasts to the world both the quality of the ball and the production.

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A fireworks shop that has won the World fireworks Competition in recent years, and with the fireworks it creates, has attracted many people with its outstanding expressive power of the world view of themes and images. It is characterized by a time-lag fireworks with strong luminescence, and its composition and space production power further increase the value of music fireworks. With their flexible on-site capabilities, they have a lot of experience in producing fireworks as well as fireworks.

MARUGOH is so well known overseas that it attracts many fireworks connoisseurs from abroad to Japan to witness the fireworks.

The relentless pursuit of ""better fireworks"" by the pyrotechnician Satoshi Saiki, who plays a central role, makes STAR ISLAND an even more attractive form of entertainment.

They share the same passion for Japanese fireworks with each company and are convinced that they can take it to greater heights by working together to create them.